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Nerus is a major IT service provider encompassing most of the field's services. Our aim is to be a one stop shop for tailor made solutions and off-the-self products. We accompany our clients throughout all the stages of their creation, growth and stable operation. We have a range of solutions ready to assist you in all IT-related problems and even more.

Software Development Services

Our in-depth industry expertise and best-of-breed practices ensure the top quality of our software development and testing services that help you achieve your business goals.

Hardware Infrastruture

Several years of setting up IT companies with our strategic partners have helped us master design and implementation of hardware IT infrasture. We will share this expertise with you.


We can help you optimize your software processes and data security procedures by leveraging our in-depth expertise in technology, processes and best practices.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to offer a choice of solutions to each of our client's problems. Most of all we help him chose the most appropriate solution pertaining to the internal and external constraints governing his business needs.
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